Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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Hello and welcome to the Billprestonesquire rare and vintage toy sales page.

I have a TON of stuff to sell/trade, so please check back, as I will be adding more and more.

I am a toy collector first and foremost. I have been collecting action figures (mostly vintage Star Wars and Transformers) for over 20 years. Purchase from me with the confidence that you are purchasing from a trusted and knowledgeable source.

As a collector, I take care in thoroughly wrapping up my packages for safe travel during shipping.

If you'd like to know more about my collections and me, please go ahead and check out my:


Facebook: (Bill PrestonEsquire)

eBay: (Billprestonesquire)

TFW2005: (Billprestonesq)

Transformers history & lineage page. I created this page to help people answer questions about how Transformers came to be:

Pre-Transformers reference page. I created this page to help people identify Transformers immediate predecessors (Diaclone & Micro Change):

If you have any interest in purchasing or trading any items, please contact me at:

Pre-Transformers and related items, (Diaclone/Micro Change):

 • Campaign Prize/Lucky Draw Diaclone Gold Porsche 935 (pre-Transformers Jazz) $5000 shipped worldwide



 • Diaclone Battle Convoy (pre-Transformers Optimus Prime) $550 shipped in the US



 • Diaclone No. 1 Countach LP500S (Pre-Transformers red Sunstreaker) $245 shipped in the US



 • Loose Micro Change Condor, Red Variant (pre-Transformers Laserbeak) $60 shipped in the US



 • eHobby Clampdown (Diaclone Police Sideswipe reissue) $130 shipped in the US



 • Italian GiG Trasformer Cheetah Destroy Car $60 shipped in the US



 • Vintage Knock-Off Battle Convoy/Optimus Prime $205 shipped in the US



 • Knock-Off Color Variant Devastator $95 shipped in the US




Transformers and related items:

 • Lucky Draw Shadow Sixshot $3000 shipped worldwide



 • Vintage Twincast w/ Steeljaw (not a reissue) $340 shipped in the US



 • Transformers Jr Giftset; Optimus Prime Jr, Fortress Maximus Jr, & Chromedome Jr $125 shipped in the US



 • Transformers Generations Junkheap w/ Maiden Japan B-01 Kingtiger add-on kit $45 shipped in the US



 • iGear MW-02 Rager (3rd Party Huffer) $35 shipped in the US



 • Transformers Animated Activators Patrol Bumblebee $24 shipped in the US



 • 2013 TFCC Depth Charge $35 shipped in the US



 • 2013 Botcon Exclusive Blastcharge $35 shipped in the US



 • 2003 Myclone Ultra Magnus & Arcee $14 shipped in the US



 • 2002 SCF Road Caesar $14 shipped in the US




Random Neat Toys:

 • Vintage 1978 Takara Diecast C3PO w/ firing rockets $280 shipped in the US



 • Vintage 80's Japanese MOSC Mighty Max $45 shipped in the US



 • 1998 TRU Exclusive Copper Henshin Cyborg w/ smoke vortex gun and smoke insect arm $48 shipped in the US