Vintage 1978 Takara Diecast C3PO w/ firing rockets

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This rare Threepio is heavier than he looks. He comes 100% complete with rockets still on the sprue and paperwork. Item is unused and in new condition.

$280 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 906291D0-72D0-4E1E-892B-ACF8228C9813.jpg  photo 128E8B48-B115-4F19-A493-464D57B8D5BE.jpg  photo 6C38DF19-BFBF-44CE-A621-3FD92599BCA6.jpg  photo 284D303E-C16F-4DDC-8264-1912C4B6C4E1.jpg  photo 4C2AFFCF-C9AD-4B78-B214-2858D2BC4DD1.jpg  photo 2E81C126-D1FF-4CD0-9888-9945708E6349.jpg Back to home page

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