Transformers Generations Junkheap w/ Maiden Japan B-01 Kingtiger add-on kit

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Both the figure and add-on kit are new and unused, mint condition.

$45 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo DC441630-EFF8-4E2D-BA04-48C69AF96182.jpg  photo B0B90203-62A1-4038-9E18-A3801388E153.jpg  photo 2B956277-FAE2-474F-9D89-3692BA1D4240.jpg  photo E46E2E6D-63BA-47F3-93BA-040E04BD13A1.jpg  photo CF02938E-FC45-4D96-8CE0-A7CEA5F85FED.jpg  photo F222AD20-64EA-4906-9ED0-EE69A79CDF81.jpg  photo 75B31238-6BEF-4E02-94E0-D554792F73FC.jpg  photo 16EF0B96-6FFB-4CD3-8197-7731F485B662.jpg These images are borrowed from They are for reference only, to show what items looks like when opened and assembled.  photo F3BC79BE-CD5E-439B-ADC7-6A7DE9518CB8.jpg  photo 95D17C67-622E-4D0D-8913-3481FFCADE20.jpg Back to home page

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