Campaign Prize/Lucky Draw Gold Porsche (pre-Transformers Jazz)

This is extremely rare vintage Campaign Prize Diaclone Gold Porsche is 100% authentic and 100% complete. This exclusive gold chrome figure was released as a pre-Transformer in Japan only. There are only 10 known to exist outside of my collection.

There is a photo floating around of one of these rare figures with full paperwork. That figure was initially purchased with a different box and placed in a new box, with paperwork. The original Campaign Prize Porsches did not come with paperwork.

$5,000 shipped worldwide.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo A68A11F7-8708-49A5-8DC0-E21BFA795524.jpg  photo DE5B8D23-6F6C-461A-BDA1-57A7D0FE5E81.jpg  photo CBBD8BC6-A828-4AC2-AE79-64B25501F7FF.jpg  photo 6A303A66-36AC-4063-B2FB-D2651D502766.jpg  photo E48A81E8-A86F-44EB-8DC9-19B1BF704ED6.jpg  photo 58F30B4F-223C-471B-8F45-4E72C688CA2E.jpg  photo 7EA051C7-80B0-4611-8DA7-0D10BAEF4BF0.jpg  photo 0E3A9D9B-6081-4C60-8236-B2A53C3D30A5.jpg  photo 7CACACF7-E827-4555-BA2D-371F183CA2E2.jpg  photo 9FDC8A57-BB5F-4B3C-B826-B6A4930DBBB4.jpg  photo 64A5EA12-881E-49CC-8672-F474B286C879.jpg  photo 016E76BB-1819-4467-874C-99370CC13E50.jpg  photo 74BDD6EF-D15C-4829-B4B7-E15DDE5D6874.jpg  photo DBA9A320-DD38-4D09-8A56-FC4347EABFA3.jpg

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