Italian GiG Trasformer Cheetah Destroy Car


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This early pre-Transformer has a slightly damaged box and sticker wear, but is otherwise in great shape.

$60 shipped in the continental US.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 00B13E07-E827-46D9-8436-7FC1CFC48685.jpg  photo A79EC230-E5BD-4728-8C64-CEDEAAD60C3E.jpg  photo 2167409B-313D-4075-BA2E-5B272FBABB1D.jpg

Take note that the European version is copyright stamped Macau. The Japanese version does not Macau stamped into it:  photo 6C31D2FA-131C-45B8-8DB7-10AC2224A5F9.jpg Back to home page

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