Micro Change Condor (pre-Transformers Laserbeak)


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This is an authentic pre-Transformers Micro Change MC-03 Condor; not a KO/bootleg. Always check to make sure that the sticker says TAKARA. Counterfeits will either say CONDOR, CASSETTE, or nothing at all.

Even though the figure has stiff, like new joints, there is obvious sticker wear. This item is loose, with no accessories.

$60 shipped in the continental US.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo B7EC6360-0D71-4C76-B1FD-B353E8BD5A96.jpg  photo 9DB487AE-C8A5-4B24-A41F-084182B4B6F1.jpg  photo 090FCF86-E7A3-403D-8FCC-D08D2E88FCCA.jpg  photo 806C2ADE-E09D-45D4-847C-88B2243953B3.jpg

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