Myclone Ultra Magnus and Arcee

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These 2003 super-deformed figurines came out as part of the first wave of the Myclone toyline. These figures is made out of PVC, and are still sealed in their baggies.

$14 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo E3E2ACCD-55BE-4410-A214-195322CB4CD0.jpg  photo E9032863-AF81-41A6-9B11-16E515DA2DB0.jpg  photo D5CA5CF2-1DAA-4623-A772-223D02D6A41B.jpg  photo B079B4F9-44D0-46AF-97AE-97850F0A49D8.jpg  photo D6C4D182-279B-44F0-97CC-D68D5A1D9BD0.jpg  photo 5E17D7D3-1DBA-437B-AE58-C786D0D53F04.jpg  photo 6D248789-D4E8-4EFB-866C-66FDE7DD4DB6.jpg  photo EF23D393-6F79-4EF2-8A2D-2B4C6FCCEDEE.jpg These images are borrowed from They are for reference only, to show what items looks like when opened.  photo 7334891E-2055-4278-9BFA-007251843425.jpg  photo A7A7B9F4-9668-44BD-806C-4688FAB17A5D.jpg Back to home page

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