Vintage Twincast w/ Steeljaw (not a reissue)

Box has moderate shelf-wear. Figures and accessories are in excellent shape. Both are original, not reissues. Steeljaw has his Scorponok vulnerability sticker. No paperwork, but otherwise complete.

$340 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 274ACE01-5896-44C5-9800-CD97E2E38CCD.jpg  photo 11E229AE-37C9-4438-B3BF-5EDBC2ECABFD.jpg  photo 98FCD216-9605-486C-9FE4-7EB7E5A34E99.jpg  photo 9ACB8F49-475E-4992-A020-25CF39A3F943.jpg  photo 37462C24-07C4-4857-8F77-FD407E56743F.jpg  photo CDE7D969-420D-4B6D-915B-78619B12E503.jpg  photo FCA697EC-487C-4C42-96FF-39AB1E1CB23B.jpg  photo C1460C59-4E29-4B05-9B60-5AC45AAF3D7B.jpg  photo 841CC082-2C66-48E8-B489-E00EC11BD7DE.jpg  photo DBE66A26-47FC-4245-9CCE-F8F11BB3D52B.jpg

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