Vintage Bootleg Battle Convoy/Optimus Prime

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This is a vintage 80's knock-off based on the original Diaclone Battle Convoy. This rare KO has many significant and fascinating mold changes. It is complete and is in very good shape, despite the box missing one flap.

$205 shipped within the continental US.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

Single panel windshield. Large chrome grill. The word "TRUCK" written across the front of the cab.  photo F3321E52-2905-436F-BAA1-9D659907EB4F.jpg

Hard plastic wheels with the words "HIGH SPEED". Square chrome gas canisters.  photo A83CE09C-544F-4E4F-B99A-BC63694794E2.jpg

New mold variant "smokestacks". One is shaped like a ladder, the other is shaped like an upside-down golf club.  photo F67EB42E-AA4A-442D-950C-87D4A7511807.jpg

Sparkly blue painted feet.  photo 5602FB23-FC4E-4F0C-94AD-8FDF776E86AA.jpg  photo A330D999-496A-4980-8B1F-AFD40EB5A3DB.jpg  photo 4443CAD1-6080-4EE7-BFAD-5CFEE661B84C.jpg  photo 621F8565-3FFB-4CCB-BA3F-64C295ED16B3.jpg  photo B810BE35-CBAB-40E9-9FDE-C33429FD0289.jpg  photo DC23E33C-13FB-4731-896B-3EF3E777D186.jpg  photo 9C6B0940-9E39-4B04-80B2-11C7F442CE32.jpg  photo 29122B79-9E96-4A03-B7CE-1261A0459E33.jpg

Images found on the box. I personally love all the misspellings.  photo 60743EE0-529E-427C-A59E-BA4C5D758FF7.jpg Back to home page

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