Transformers Jr Giftset; Optimus Prime Jr, Fortress Maximus Jr, & Chromedome Jr

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This is a vintage Transformers Jr giftset. Box and figures have minor wear. Items are 100% complete, minus any and all paperwork. This set has the smallest Headmasters I have ever seen!

$125 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 39E31F26-B6A7-4F65-914C-C354846FBBAC.jpg  photo 2763FF8F-C88E-47B1-AA73-ACB7699FB87D.jpg  photo 0A4296DF-F007-42A9-927E-B2E374D7DAB8.jpg  photo 9216FE3E-1B45-494B-B771-67845717B1C5.jpg  photo 585D2D50-2DC7-45C5-BD3B-A28D6017323C.jpg  photo 8909CEA9-48F8-4A7E-9D17-ADD97F6DFDE7.jpg  photo 20AAC123-B066-4F10-83F0-78CE768E2F14.jpg  photo A1D2D864-8125-4AB8-BB67-FADBFF26C728.jpg  photo 8176E1DC-2D90-4F23-80BC-9A981B732478.jpg  photo 1E35F97B-908F-4B7C-A38C-09538B5B7473.jpg Back to home page

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