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Transformers Collectors Club Depth Charge Exclusive Figure

This 2013 TFCC incentive figure is brand new, unused, never transformed. 100% complete.

$35 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo C1EF88BF-92D3-407C-91AA-757FEA9C5B25.jpg  photo BE2A9667-AE0E-44D9-94E0-8A387A981DF5.jpg  photo 7C165C57-655B-4663-B59D-1807C7964542.jpg  photo 8D096F32-EB65-4C37-B759-B99B87DED070.jpg  photo 9831D740-1274-4F10-AF70-E182A0DD18ED.jpg  photo 37A2CFC4-53D9-40F8-BEBB-44B5A9F75FCE.jpg  photo 83D29514-C7FE-4E27-8436-8EE1E4AB6EE0.jpg

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