Lucky Draw/Campaign Prize Shadow Sixshot

This very rare "Lucky Draw" figure was released in 2002 through two contests. Each contest only gave away ten of these, making a total of 20 in the world. Figure is mint/unused.

For more information, please check out this TFWiki page:

TF Wiki: Shadow Sixshot

$3,000 shipped worldwide.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 0A69DF23-B4BA-4AEB-A11B-75AE8C1742F2.jpg  photo 8DC98136-402E-4A89-977A-D42BBBB0ECCC.jpg  photo 77BD228A-9C91-4B27-97FB-48286234F661.jpg  photo A09E7F3B-B439-4450-8B3A-72AF624C35A4.jpg  photo 187BF4B0-1841-4790-8305-25D4A30F39EE.jpg  photo 0800B8DF-C1F5-49AC-83FA-5D551D36B901.jpg  photo 2C487F49-E488-45BE-9C4E-D3DF5406CB37.jpg  photo CDB47AD7-BD26-45A7-B3FD-E083DCC35EED.jpg  photo F8658581-15E4-41E0-BA2E-922658B6835C.jpg  photo E7796912-29B4-42F4-B782-AB344359617D.jpg  photo 8A466FC4-3921-4E1B-999C-02F573E44AF8.jpg  photo 384D0512-8B58-47BC-8C53-3BC7C5B0572F.jpg  photo 805D3ABA-D768-4D05-8EDC-F2EDA4C16E02.jpg  photo 1A18CE40-89DC-46BE-A0A9-EEFD9DB96873.jpg

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