iGear MW-02 Rager (3rd Party Huffer)

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This 3rd Party Huffer was only taken out of the box twice. I am only selling it because I have decided to focus my collection more on pre-Transformers. As much as I love the 3rd Party movement, I am cutting them out.

$35 shipped in the continental US

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo CF18407C-1641-4AD9-8C24-83F5FA68D369.jpg  photo 7F838ABA-CDD5-4B53-84C0-157AB376174A.jpg  photo 67C0531B-E37F-4EA7-8EAB-35BA55B088B3.jpg  photo 8BCFDF6A-9378-4CD5-B8FD-9929E587DC49.jpg  photo F4234175-D609-4964-9525-72E78473B8E0.jpg  photo 5CD3C820-C4F5-412C-819D-A9A93C335978.jpg  photo 0402AD17-0C68-44AD-AFA7-0EB48593B7ED.jpg Back to home page

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