Diaclone #01 Red Countach LP500S (pre-Transformers red Sunstreaker)

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Authentic Japanese Diaclone. Included are 1 missile, both fists, both shoulder rockets, and accurate colored Dianaut. Decent shape, with minor dings. Joints are good. Box is decent but does have slight warping, styro has large chunk missing from the lower right corner.

$245 shipped within the continental US.

If you have any interest in purchasing this or any other items, please contact me at:

 photo 5B68D3E8-CF94-4C04-8489-DF45B04E62F1.jpg  photo 68A83B45-E879-46F8-8F59-28C3BA192058.jpg  photo 5685C17C-9F0A-4D45-96C8-3A8627760203.jpg  photo 1D64AEFC-30B7-4E4A-BA84-5BB809C08FFC.jpg  photo F7F151BA-D77C-4397-A0D9-4AAC59B92308.jpg  photo 40621106-A5FB-40F1-8C66-A13ABCFDA7B1.jpg Back to home page

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